Basic Rules of Conduct

  1. All sales of firearms long and short must comply with all local, state and federal laws. Midwest Gun Deals DOES NOT run a background check on any members of this group.
  2. Private sellers or dealers of firearms will not be permitted to specify “no background check required,” nor can they offer to transact across state lines without utilizing a licensed firearms dealer. Ads like this should be flagged immediately. Posts of this nature will be removed, user account permanently banned and those involved will be reported to the local authorities.
  3. Requirements of Listings:
    Sale posts: Must include Price, Pictures, Details and Location.
    Trade posts: Must include Details, Location and Trade Value.
    ISO posts: Please include Details and Location. Not everyone is willing to travel or ship.
    Postings that do not have this information will be deleted without notice. (No auction style listings) Repeat offenders will be banned.
  4. Midwest Gun Deals is not a debate forum. (No debates on Clips Vs. Magazine, political debates/topics or similar debates).
  5. Midwest Gun Deals is not the US Government…we will not punish all users for one offender. Offenders are banned and MIDWEST GUN DEALS goes on.
  6. Spammers postings will be removed and the user account Banned.
  7. Trades are for GUNS/HUNTING HARDWARE ONLY. Do Not post your moped/generator/car/truck/soda machine or Zippo Lighter asking to trade for anything. (These are examples. If there are questions, ask before posting)
  8. Your post must be removed when the item has been sold. Do Not just place a comment that your item has been sold.
  9. If it comes to the administrator’s attention that you are harassing other members of the group, you will be banned.
  10. As a courtesy to fellow MIDWEST GUN DEALS members if both parties agree on a price, exchange location, date, etc… Make it a point to follow through with the sale/purchase.
  11. Please do not post links to other pages or websites unless approved by an admin of MIDWEST GUN DEALS. We do what we can to filter out posts that should not be on the site but this also falls to the responsibility of all of the members of this group to keep it clean. If it’s sold, remove it. If it doesn’t belong, flag it.
    If these rules are not clear…  Ask before posting.
  12. If you are suspected of illegal transactions of firearms, you will be reported local authorities. It is your responsibility to assure all necessary laws and rules are followed when buying, selling or trading a firearm.